Platforming your Identity

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recently, my Literary Citizenship course covered a very helpful book called “Create Your Writer Platform” by Chuck Sambuchino, and with this author’s imminent visit to the University of Central Arkansas I thought it appropriate to approach the heart of the subject matter which is essentially you!

The largest part involved in developing your platform is completely bound to how you choose to define yourself. How will you appear to your audience? What will people see or recognize when they look you up? What is it you wish to be identified with? Your platform IS you, and every accomplishment and consequence is one which will be tied to your identity which is presented to the world. Now, this isn’t supposed to come across as dismal or grandiose, but your platform, your foundation as a writer and artist are completely dependent on the work that you do; however, this is not to say that your route to building your platform should be riddled with you.
Throughout the book, Sambuchino gets at the roots of how to define and promote yourself, but the way he approaches the topic attempts to prevent one from falling into the pitfalls which stem from self-obsession.
When trying to make yourself known as an artist, your first instinct may be to reach out to dozens of people who might hopefully be interested in your work, but Sambuchino urges us to avoid becoming a nuisance to a community which can be so valuable to us. Going out there and yelling, “ME! ME! ME!” will only earn you their dismissal. So, how do we make the transformation from being a social recluse…
to the loveable…
I believe it boils down to understanding why your platform is your foundation. You don’t start at the top, and as Sambuchino mentions, you shouldn’t attempt to imitate the exceptions. We start at the bottom and it is our responsibilty to lift the community up. Promote others. Through this, those who rise can look down and lift us up and bring our work to the forefront. Not only have you now helped your own success, you have more importantly embolstered the community which will both appreciate you and be appreciated by you.